Like many men of color, I experienced challenges with managing healthy looking skin due to shaving. In my profession, it is necessary to maintain appearance with minimal facial hair. Throughout the years, I tried many different shaving systems and skin care products to minimize irritation and bumps caused by shaving. Dr. Trowers diagnosed my condition and informed me of a procedure that would help minimize shaving and bumps, while ultimately helping me to achieve more healthy looking skin, and reduce the cost of expensive razors. However, I became reluctant to move forward with her direction after learning that the procedure would require laser hair removal. My initial impression was that , “this procedure is not very masculine”. So despite her recommendation that the laser would work the best, I asked for an alternative treatment which ended up being two topical ointments. These ointments helped to minimize some of the bumps, however the success was temporary.

Subsequently, I became frustrated that my skin was not achieving the healthy look I desired. Finally I took Dr. Trowers advice and decided to go through a series of laser treatments. I am glad to say that the treatments have been the best thing for my skin. Moreover, my shaving schedule has decreased from 4-5 times weekly to 1-2 shaves a week. My purchase of razors has decreased from twice monthly to once every 4-5 months.
I have to say that I am now a believer, and wish I had not been so intially stubborn. Thanks Dr. Trowers for helping me to achieve healthier skin.