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It’s Different When You’re The Patient…

My staff members are awesome. They are smart, fun and truly want the best for our patients. However…when they are the ones with a skin condition…all bets are off! Here are some of the things they have asked me about over the years.

1.  “The skin on my face is really dry. It’s because I don’t drink enough water.” The level of dehydration you would need to be at to affect your skin would put you close to death’s door. Also all of your skin would be dry. Not just your face. Like many of our patients this staff member had developed an allergy to one of the ingredients in her makeup. Many times allergies to face products and makeups first manifest as dry skin. Once she switched to a line I recommend for sensitive skin, her dry skin resolved…without changing her water intake.

2.  “I love big lips and I cannot lie!” Sometimes you need a Cosmetic Dermatologist in your life who will tell you no. I’m not totally sure how big one of my staff member’s lips would be if she didn’t work for me. Luckily for her, she works for me so her lips look lush, full and most importantly natural. No one will be making duck face behind her back as long as she’s with me. #youcantalwaysgetwhatyouwant

3.  “I keep on getting razor bumps. Can you recommend a lotion to get rid of them?” Razor bumps are due to ingrown hairs, so as long as you have hair in that area you will keep getting them with shaving, waxing or depilatories. Laser hair removal is a dead up miracle and our laser works on ALL skin types. Jessica, our Laser Hair Specialist, is due with her third baby any day now so call 305-899-2511 if you would like a complimentary laser consultation. You’re going to kick yourself for not doing it sooner!

4.  “Does this mole look bad?” Any mole can turn bad, even if you were born with it. That’s why my staff is trained to offer a full body skin exam at every new patient visit, yearly and more frequently depending on the patient’s history. Dermoscopy (skin surface microscopy) allows me to better determine if a biopsy is needed for my patients…and my staff.

Stay tuned for my next Facebook and Instagram video to find out who’s injecting me!

Love The Skin You’re In

What is the one accessory that you will have forever?  Your skin.  As I always tell my patients, they need to treat it like the most psychotically expensive purse, watch or shoes they’ve ever owned… because you are stuck with it forever!  I am the first to admit that a regular skin care regimen can be a pain to maintain, but the results are so worth it.  Even within a month or two benefits can be seen with something as simple as sunscreen (with not just the ingredients to prevent sunburns, but brown spots and wrinkles as well), in addition to a hyaluronic acid moisturizer.

1. Get Rid of Eczema- But wait…no one truly has eczema.  That’s basically the same as asking, “What does that person look like?” and the response is “Like a human.”  NOT helpful.  When you have red, irritated or itchy skin it can be an allergy, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or a number of other skin conditions that I diagnosis and treat everyday in my office.

2.  #Freedomfromflakes-  The medical term for dandruff is seborrheic dermatitis.  Prescription medications can clear it right up and a maintenance plan really works.  At last you can add black back into your wardrobe!

3. Better selfies– Are you tired of searching YouTube for makeup tutorials for contouring your face, accentuating your cheeks and plumping your lips?  Fillers (which are man made versions of hyaluronic acid which is naturally made in your skin) can do all of that.  As one of my patients said, “Coming here is like my birthday in reverse!”.   Give us a call, cosmetic consultations are free.  Take a look at the natural results I can achieve.

4.  Pimple popping stops NOW!-  My staff members and I have all suffered from acne, so we totally know how you feel.  But the right treatment plan can work for pimples and the spots they leave behind.

P.S. Consider showing someone you love (significant other, parents, friends or someone you’re trying to impress this Valentine’s Day) that you love their skin too!  Take a look at our Instagram or Facebook for details about the special we have for the month of February.

Now go love your skin and have a fantastic Valentine’s Day!

What Your Skin Wants For The Holidays!

Your skin is your best accessory, so don’t you want it looking skintastic for the holiday season and heading into 2017? Just like a new pair of shoes can put some pep in your step, a tune up for your skin can do the same. A number of times I’ve caught a glimpse of a patient in my waiting room or been out to dinner with a friend and thought, “Wow! They look great!”. Then I realize that several weeks before I injected them or they just had a dermaplaning facial. Lol! So here are some things that your skin really, really…like REALLY wants for the holidays.

1. Get rid of those lines! Those parenthesis around your mouth can be softened with fillers like Restylane Lyft and Voluma. Also with the all the fantastic fillers that are out now it’s like providing an artist with new colors to create. Etched in, fine lines can be softened and sometimes disappear with Restylane Silk, other fillers can naturally augment your lips or cupids bow and your cheekbones can be accentuated naturally. A little volume can go a long way. As one patient said, “You turned my sad emoji face to a happy one!”. If you feel good, your skin should look good too. Studies have shown that even if you don’t feel good a cosmetic tune up can sometimes provide a sustained mood boost. Or at the very least make you look like you’re in a good mood!

2. Get glowing! My office now provides spray tanning and my staff is officially obsessed. What better way to prevent sun spots, wrinkles and skin cancer but still look sun kissed? Direct quote from a staff member, “I glimpsed my legs in shorts in the mirror and they looked like Barbie legs!” Please book your appointments as soon as possible ($25 per tan for the holidays) before my staff uses it all up. #Spraytanaddict

3. Get a skin care regimen! Great skin only happens to some of us…for the rest of us it depends on the effort expended. Using the right moisturizer, skin boosters and exfoliators can make the difference between good and great. Remember that my staff and I are here to help you get your skin to where you want it to be. We are all guinea pigs for the products we carry, so just let us know what your concerns are and we can take it from there.

Now, are you going to be naughty or nice? Your skin’s waiting….

P.S. Holiday specials coming soon…don’t forget to check our Facebook page & email blast!


Diagnosis: FOMO

My staff admits that if they ever left me they would all suffer from severe cases of FOMO (which stands for Fear Of Missing Out). One staff member’s mother initially told her not to go back to school because the family discount would no longer apply…she was kidding…we think. Working for me, they have the benefit of seeing live before and afters every day. They admit that without this job they may have become victims of duck lips, frozen faces or not realized that there was something to treat those annoying hollows under their eyes. Here are the procedures and treatments they would miss the most…

1. Laser hair removal is a dead up miracle. If shaving takes you 5 minutes a day, that’s 2.5 hours a month, 30 hours a year. Our laser can be done on all skin types (even when you’re tan), eliminates shaving bumps and can be done anywhere colored hair grows on your body. Oh…and numbing creams are available for the woosies.

2. Every day we see scars from breast and tummy cosmetic surgeries that are still red years later. From personal experience (hey, we’re all guinea pigs…that’s the benefit of working here) we realized that microneedling not only works on indented acne scars, but also on fading those types of surgical scars. One new patient said that hearing about this for her breast scars was the best part of her new patient skin exam!

3. Sighted…peach fuzz in your rearview mirror. Solution, dermaplaning. A technique that uses a tiny blade to remove dead skin and peach fuzz. FYI hair does not grow back thicker. This procedure requires expertise and we have two of the best here. Want to experience it for free? Follow us on instagram to enter our dermaplaning raffle.

Education is key. Truly understanding the medical and cosmetic treatments I offer is an essential and required part of my staffs’ training. That’s why they will all be ahead of the curve in the aging process. Remember cosmetic consults and skin care recommendations are complimentary and available at every appointment. Just ask.

Forward this blog to a friend. But if they ask you in a few weeks why you are looking so good…bye Felicia..because you know they didn’t read it. Hey, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

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