Dr. Trowers did my lips (with Restylane) and they look AWESOME!! No one can tell what I did, but they keep telling me I look great! -S.C.


My visits with Dr. Trowers changed everything! I look beautiful. She is the best! -L.S.


I had the most awful raised mole on my back which no other Dermatologist would remove. I came to Dr. Trowers’ office and voila….she saw the mole, asked me if I wanted it removed and five minutes later my God awful mole was gone! She is the sweetest Doctor! I also had...


I have noticed an amazing change in my skin since being treated by Dr. Trowers and her wonderful staff. I feel and look amazing. Erika is the most amazing aesthetician I have ever met. Her attention to detail and her gentle touch made my skin feel loved and happy. I...