My staff admits that if they ever left me they would all suffer from severe cases of FOMO (which stands for Fear Of Missing Out). One staff member’s mother initially told her not to go back to school because the family discount would no longer apply…she was kidding…we think. Working for me, they have the benefit of seeing live before and afters every day. They admit that without this job they may have become victims of duck lips, frozen faces or not realized that there was something to treat those annoying hollows under their eyes. Here are the procedures and treatments they would miss the most…

1. Laser hair removal is a dead up miracle. If shaving takes you 5 minutes a day, that’s 2.5 hours a month, 30 hours a year. Our laser can be done on all skin types (even when you’re tan), eliminates shaving bumps and can be done anywhere colored hair grows on your body. Oh…and numbing creams are available for the woosies.

2. Every day we see scars from breast and tummy cosmetic surgeries that are still red years later. From personal experience (hey, we’re all guinea pigs…that’s the benefit of working here) we realized that microneedling not only works on indented acne scars, but also on fading those types of surgical scars. One new patient said that hearing about this for her breast scars was the best part of her new patient skin exam!

3. Sighted…peach fuzz in your rearview mirror. Solution, dermaplaning. A technique that uses a tiny blade to remove dead skin and peach fuzz. FYI hair does not grow back thicker. This procedure requires expertise and we have two of the best here. Want to experience it for free? Follow us on instagram to enter our dermaplaning raffle.

Education is key. Truly understanding the medical and cosmetic treatments I offer is an essential and required part of my staffs’ training. That’s why they will all be ahead of the curve in the aging process. Remember cosmetic consults and skin care recommendations are complimentary and available at every appointment. Just ask.

Forward this blog to a friend. But if they ask you in a few weeks why you are looking so good…bye Felicia..because you know they didn’t read it. Hey, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.