Luckily for all my patients out there, I’m in the same boat and sailing in the same direction. I’m getting older, but I want to continue to age gracefully without falling down the slippery slope and ending up looking like a whack a doo (you know the look…huge duck lips with a frozen, overly full, fat face).

My goal with the cosmetic treatments my office provides is to achieve a natural aesthetic.  I want friends and family to tell you look great, well rested, refreshed… but they can’t tell that you actually had anything done. My best compliments have been when a husband told a wife as she emerged from getting something out of the fridge one early morning, “You’re beautiful” (that was a week after she received fillers and toxins at my office).  Or when the mother who always told her daughter she looked tired, raved about how great she looked one week after the daughter had filler done by me under her eyes.

As we age, especially if you’re working out, everyone loses volume in  their face.  This contributes to hollowing under the eyes, flattening of the apple of the cheek, loss of the angle of the cheek and jawline, shrinking of the lips and the creation of folds between the corners of the nose and lips.  When you look at someone in their twenties, their face is youthful because it is full.  But when I place filler in someone’s face I don’t want them to look too full or else they lose the angle of their facial structure and their face can appear fat.  Not the look we want!

It’s also important to me to have a light hand with Botox and Dysport.  I want my patient’s to still have facial expressions, but softening the crows feet and frown lines contributes to an overall youthful look.

Quick summary:  Fillers like Perlane, Restylane, Radiesse, Juvederm and Voluma replace lost volume and are man made versions of substances that naturally occur in our skin.  Restylane Silk is a newer filler that addresses fine detail work and carved in wrinkles (as my assistant Lauren says, “It goes where no filler has gone before!”).  Toxins like  Botox and Dysport soften lines of movement (crows feet, worry lines and wrinkles in the forehead).

Please take a look at my YouTube channel to see me assessing and injecting a patient’s face, as well as the two week follow up.  My video, ‘Botox and Restylane – Before & After‘ has over 200,000 views!  Next week I’ll be posting a new video treating Lauren’s fifty two year old mother.