Sorry for the delay in posting, but hopefully you have been too busy enjoying a fantastic summer to notice.  For those of you who haven’t visited the Grand Canyon yet….it’s a must on the bucket list.  So amazing that it didn’t seem real!  Besides that I also have a new found love of cooking…shocker for those who know me (check out the links below for some of my fav recipes…can someone say crockpot obsession?!).

I want to remind everyone of two things, based on what I’ve experienced in the past month.  One fluffy and one serious.

I’ll start with serious.  Don’t ignore a new mole or changes in an old one.  Hopefully everyone is aware of the signs: A- asymmetry, B- irregular borders, C- color change, D- diameter greater than 6 mm (6mm is about the size of a pencil eraser), E- evolving (such as bleeding, irritation or other changes).  My Physician Assistant, Ashley, and I try to review it with everyone at their first visit and on every full body exam (which we offer yearly and more frequently for those with a history of any type of skin cancer or atypical moles).

In the past month I’ve diagnosed two early melanomas and two severely atypical moles in four patients.  Three patients had noticed brand new moles (less than two months) and one was not aware of the new mole, but I noticed it on the full body exam.  Please remember that all insurance plans cover full body exams.  I know it’s sometimes a hassle to get undressed, but that hassle may be extremely beneficial to your health.

Ok! On to the fluff!  I have to admit that my staff and I find it super cute when a woman says, “I love my man so much that I want him to look great too.”  One woman bought filler and Botox for the husband she clearly adores.  The funniest was when a husband said, “I’m here for a mole.” And his wife said, “No, you’re here for filler. Put on the numbing cream.  He needs to look as good as he makes me feel.”  So sweet!  FYI, I still did a full body exam on him.  Hey, guys want to look good too, natural of course, but sometimes they need a little guidance from the most important person in their life.  Don’t undersell yourselves ladies!

May the last few days of your summer be amazing, filled with life, love and sunshine …with sunscreen of course!  I used ricotta cheese instead of cottage cheese and no boil lasagna. No slow cooker, but delicious. I used Whole Foods 305 brand barbecue sauce and shredded it at the end.