My staff and I have compiled a list of our favorite patient quotes! Enjoy!

1. “Mommy does it hurt?”-daughter asking her mother about bruises on her face after filler and Dysport. Mother’s reply- “No…and in a couple of weeks Mommy is going to look REALLY pretty.”

2. Little boy to his mother- “Mommy, you have the prettiest cheekbones!”. Mother who had been injected by me with Voluma replies- “No honey, Dr. Trowers gave me those cheekbones.” (News flash, we are currently running a special on Voluma. Take a look at my video on YouTube to see a patient being injected.)

3. “I never thought I’d look so good at 45!”- filler and Dysport patient

4. “I’ve never seen a Doctor wear cowboy boots…but I like it!”

5. My mother, Edith, was paying for something that needed to be shipped to the office. “Oh!” said the salesperson “Dr. Trowers is my Dermatologist!” “I’m her mother.” said Edith. “I’m her face!” said the woman.

6. Patient to Dr. Trowers right before having his melanoma excised, “My wife and I were talking about you last night. It’s interesting that you keep telling me how important it is to wear sunscreen when you’re so tan yourself.” After hysterically laughing for five minutes, I at last replied “I’m half Jamaican and half German…so it’s a natural tan!”

Thank you to my awesome staff and patients! Who make going to my office fun every day!