After an amazing trip to Argentina, here is blog #2! Don’t cry for me Argentina…but I definitely felt like crying when I left you ;)!

We are now in the second month of the new year and I am staying dedicated to my #SkinGoals2016. Research shows that it takes thirty days to make a habit, so I’m well on my way. I have to admit that I’m not always the best patient, but time marches on with no exceptions (and Dysport and fillers can only go so far).

Dr. Trowers’ #SkinGoals2016

1. I will wear sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 and containing microionized zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide every day on my face, chest, arms and hands. Physical blockers like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide provide better overall protection than chemical sunscreens and microionized means that the ingredients are fine particles that provide a more complete shield of protection.
2. I will put on a topical vitamin c every day. Certain brands have the science to prove that they make your sunscreen stronger. Also I’m addicted to the pretty glow they provide. P.S. I even put mine on before going out in the evening.
3. I will stop extending my cheat day to several days…sometimes a week. I love crap and I think every tooth I have is a salty and sweet one…sigh.
4. I will use my prescription topical retinoid every day. My patients and staff who use it and follow my skin care instructions look amazing and the change in their skin is significant. We have patients in their forties on it whose skin looks better than the twenty year olds who are not.
5. I will meditate every day for twenty minutes. In case you did not know I now have seven daughters…my fantastic staff and my great new Physician Assistant Ashley, so I need to be centered to be the best boss for them and the best Dermatologist for you.
6. I will have a dermaplaning facial done every month. I now have two great facialists and I love how my skin looks after this procedure (especially with our new hydrating mask).
7. I will use my Latisse and Alphaeon Lash Serum every day. They work and it is ridiculous that I cannot find the time to put two swipes on my lashes, but can spend 10 minutes putting on mascara.

7 is my lucky number, so I will stop there in hopes that it is like putting a little bit of fairy dust on my goals to make them stick!