Your skin is your best accessory, so don’t you want it looking skintastic for the holiday season and heading into 2017? Just like a new pair of shoes can put some pep in your step, a tune up for your skin can do the same. A number of times I’ve caught a glimpse of a patient in my waiting room or been out to dinner with a friend and thought, “Wow! They look great!”. Then I realize that several weeks before I injected them or they just had a dermaplaning facial. Lol! So here are some things that your skin really, really…like REALLY wants for the holidays.

1. Get rid of those lines! Those parenthesis around your mouth can be softened with fillers like Restylane Lyft and Voluma. Also with the all the fantastic fillers that are out now it’s like providing an artist with new colors to create. Etched in, fine lines can be softened and sometimes disappear with Restylane Silk, other fillers can naturally augment your lips or cupids bow and your cheekbones can be accentuated naturally. A little volume can go a long way. As one patient said, “You turned my sad emoji face to a happy one!”. If you feel good, your skin should look good too. Studies have shown that even if you don’t feel good a cosmetic tune up can sometimes provide a sustained mood boost. Or at the very least make you look like you’re in a good mood!

2. Get glowing! My office now provides spray tanning and my staff is officially obsessed. What better way to prevent sun spots, wrinkles and skin cancer but still look sun kissed? Direct quote from a staff member, “I glimpsed my legs in shorts in the mirror and they looked like Barbie legs!” Please book your appointments as soon as possible ($25 per tan for the holidays) before my staff uses it all up. #Spraytanaddict

3. Get a skin care regimen! Great skin only happens to some of us…for the rest of us it depends on the effort expended. Using the right moisturizer, skin boosters and exfoliators can make the difference between good and great. Remember that my staff and I are here to help you get your skin to where you want it to be. We are all guinea pigs for the products we carry, so just let us know what your concerns are and we can take it from there.

Now, are you going to be naughty or nice? Your skin’s waiting….

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